Well, the court case featuring the Beastie Boys is over and they were triumphant, winning a $1.7 million from Monster Beverage. If you haven't been following the case, here's the very simple rundown.

  • Monster put together a promo video featuring footage of a DJ named Z-Trip performing at a Monster event.
  • This footage featured Z-Trip playing several Beasties songs.
  • When Monster sent him the finalized footage that was to be put online, he emailed them back "Dope!"
  • They took this as him giving them permission to use the video featuring music he didn't have the rights to.

Yes, Monster Beverage--a multi-million dollar company--took a DJ responding to an email with "Dope!" as legal basis for permission to use a photo.

The Beasties got wind of this and, per the wishes of deceased member MCA, sued the company for using their music to promote products without permission. It was a pretty cut and dried case that involved some seriously bizarre and funny moments and left the Beasties $1.7 million richer.

Again to reiterate, again, yes, a multi-million dollar court case was based on a DJ responding to an email with "Dope!"

Now, let's enjoy the extended "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)" revisited: