This week's beer of the week is a brand new IPA from a legendary craft brewery.

It's always exciting when a brewery that has been influencing the industry for years decides to roll out a new beer. In this case, we're talking about Stone's Go-To IPA. Released in March, the brewery set its sights on this beer becoming the perfect sessionable IPA, and that's exactly what they did.

Awesome piney, grapefruity bitterness comes out in this one as a result of a new hopping strategy of "hop-bursting"--adding all the hops at the END of the brewing process, rather than let the hop flavor develop in the beer over a long period of time.

At a low 4.5% ABV, and with an abundance of hoppiness, Stone's Go-To IPA is as good as it gets in the world of drinkable session IPAs. And, with Stone being such an advocate of drinking their beer when it's fresh, a half-priced growler at Half Time is the perfect way to enjoy this one.

Check out this video from the brewery itself: