Ever think that you should check on your neighbors? You know the older ones who you should knock on the door and see if they have heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer?

Here is a reason to go ahead and do that, no matter how odd, mean, crazy or nosy they might be.

Twin brothers in Tennessee were found dead in their home. Both had passed while sitting in chairs.  No foul play suspected. But according to coroner’s reports, they both were dead about THREE YEARS before they were discovered.

Someone mowed the lawn; the post office stopped delivering their mail because the house appeared as if the two brothers had simply picked up and moved away.  According to their local paper, neighbors had little interaction with the two while they were alive, thinking that the two were “odd” and perhaps loners.

Click through to read the story, in it the author mentions a Detroit woman who had passed in her apartment, no one noticing. The woman had set up automatic payments for all her bills and utilities from her bank accounts, so while her body was decomposing in her apartment, all of those bills were getting paid.

Go check on your older neighbors, so you won’t be the one telling a local newspaper reporter about how you should’ve done it…