This weeks "Battle Bagel" takes us to Rockland Bakery in Newburgh.

I have loved going to this place for years because of their Sfogliatelle.


For the record, I have never had one of these tasty flaky pastries that I have not liked, but fewer and fewer places have them, which means I am forced to eat less and less of these yummy Italian pastries. 

Back to bagels. Soft, Fluffy, Bready....


Also picked up one that was "French Toast Flavored" (that was tasty, but not part of our review ;)

These are BIG bagels, Deuce & I split one. Half of one was plenty for each of us.


The boil gives this bagel a good chew, and when toasted gives this a great crispy crust. One of the thickest crusts we have had during our quest.

The overall chew of the bagel was good, but did not tire out our jaws. Over all very pleasant. When I go back to Rockland Bakery to get more bagels, I would keep in mind that one bagel, really does equal two. $5 for 6.