This week, we've decided to highlight one of the juggernauts of American craft beer. Anyone familiar with Dogfish Head knows their penchant for trying new things and pushing boundaries. In this case, they've decided to blend a a brown ale, a Scotch ale, and an IPA to make the delicious and unique Indian Brown Ale.  If you've ever wanted a hoppier brown ale or a creamier, caramel version of an IPA, this one will be right up your alley.

Grab a growler over at Half Time this week and fire up the video below for even more details about the brewing process that goes into making Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale.  And if you happen to enjoy it, Dogfish Head used to have a Discovery Channel show called Brewmasters, which is available on Netflix. It's a lot of fun and goes great with a growler of DFH beer. Enjoy!