For the week of January 6th, 2014, we're headed to the Great White North: our "Beer of the Week" is La Fin Du Monde from Unibroue in Quebec.

Unibroue's Belgian ales are world renowned and with good reason: they're ridiculously, absurdly good.

Translated, La Fin du Monde means "the end of the world." I remember being in a bar in Boston on vacation about a year ago, where I apparently missed La Fin Du Monde being on tap by about a day. I know this because everyone in the bar was asking the bartender when they were getting it back. Everyone.

It's a Belgian Tripel with a big ol' 9% abv. It's got a good amount of spice to it when compared to most of the other Tripels I've had, so it's a bit unique in that way. Watch the video below to learn more about La Fin Du Monde from the brewery, and pick up your growler this week at Half Time.  Cheers!