Gosh, I love me some lists.  There's a few "essential" grunge albums, in my view. You can't call yourself a fan of that music unless you've spent a few cumulative years listening to those albums end to end. And amidst those albums, there are GIANTS of singles, songs, tracks etc.

HOWEVER! What is the best intro track to a grunge album? I'm choosing 5 of the best grunge albums, in my estimation, and I'm curious what you guys think. Remember, this is NOT "Best Grunge Single Ever". It's not supposed to be a standalone track. This is an introduction to the album as a whole, and it should be judged a little differently.

I remember thinking back in the 90's "Man, Nirvana has the best singles, but I can't think there's any better way to open up an album than Dead and Bloated by STP." As the years have gone by, I love the way Pearl Jam's "Once" kind of lures you into the rest of the album with that trippy little intro, and then punches you with the crunchy guitar. The sheer anger and and smack in the face aspect to "Them Bones" from Alice in Chains lets you know EXACTLY the way those guys are going to do about the rest of the album. Superunknown by Soundgarden is an all time great grunge album, but I'm not too sure I love "Let Me Drown". But it needs to be on the list.

My own personal list:
5. Soundgarden. "Let Me Drown"

4. Nirvana. "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

3. Pearl Jam. "Once"

2. Alice in Chains. "Them Bones"

1. Stone Temple Pilots. "Dead & Bloated"

Scott Weilands dry vocal scream, followed by that blow to the back of your brain with the distorted guitars. My goodness. I honestly don't think it can ever get any better than that.

**Added note: As I'm sitting here writing this, I'm not so sure that AIC doesn't have the best first track. There's more energy to the whole song as a piece, and it sets up the rest of the album amazingly.

Crap. I have some thinking to do.**