Brandi's Future Husband, just really ticked off, not only Brandi, but 32 other women, all with the "help" of Tinder. Brandi, on her life long quest to find the "real winner" for her future husband, was sent a link from Mike, telling her about "a true gentleman" of the dating world.

Here is her new betrothed. His name is Josh, a guy from Boston who says that works in the nightlife industry — and who found 32 beautiful women via the popular online dating app Tinder. But he felt like he just didn’t have time to reach out to each one individually. So he sent them a text message. One text message. To all 32 women. And we don’t mean that Joshua cut and pasted his romantic opening line into 32 separate messages. We’re saying that he sent out one group text message to all 32 women.

It all started when Josh sent out his mass text, which consisted entirely of the line, “Hey gorgeous what’s up?”

Eventually, Josh tries to calm the gathering storm by offering to buy “all you chicks a drink in solidarity of this incident.” At another point, he pleads with them not to get their “panties in a bunch.”  Why did he send a group text to 32 different women — who did not know each other before bonding over Josh’s massive Tinder faux pas? Simply because it would take “hours to text you individually.” So apparently, in Joshua’s mind, the possibility of dates with 32 different “gorgeous” women just wasn’t worth his time.

Poor Josh even tried to patch things up with the women one at a time, with private messages. But that only resulted in the women sharing his private texts with the group.

Here is a link to all of the im's that the women were sending back and forth to one another.