This weeks edition of Brandi's Future Husband takes us to Pueblo Colorado for the man that has all the potential to be the man of Brandi's dreams. This guy knows one of the ways into her heart is through her stomach. Brandi loves food and loves it even more when someone else cooks it for her.


Her sweetie went to great lengths to make sure that he would be totally ready to make her food items that she loves, pizza, eggplant parm, macaroni and cheese and poutine or cheese and gravy covered french fries. How did this guy get prepared? He made his way into an Italian restaurant about 3AM. No, the restaurant was not exactly open at the time, but he was able to get into the walk-in refrigerator, totally undeterred by the locks that were on the doors, btw.


Brandi's beloved was able to load up with 19 cases of provolone cheese with an approximate value of $2000. Will her future husband be making her some good eats with the cheese? Or reselling the cheese to buy her a big diamond? Only time will tell.