I have found my new beloved and this time he is not in jail, stuck on the side of the road, or have any warrants out for his arrest.This guy has lots of things that I look for in a Future Husband. Smarts, World Record Holder Status and a love for Tetris.

This time it's a Giant Tetris game.   Drexel University professor Frank Lee has earned the Guinness World Record for largest architectural video game display. Again. He created a computer program to play the classic shape-fitting puzzle on two sides of a 29-story skyscraper in Philadelphia.

Hundreds of lights were embedded in the glass facades of the Cira Centre. All told, the "screens" totaled nearly 120,000 square feet.  Dozens of Tetris enthusiasts played the supersized version in April using a joystick from about a mile away. The world record announcement that came out this week, also told Lee that the had beat the record he set the previous year. Last year, he recreated the classic Atari game Pong on a single side of the same building.