On Wednesday I was doing a video at the Market Street Industrial Park in Wappingers, when a fire broke out.

photo by O. Bolger

The Dutchess Bleachery was a major employer for Wappinger Falls in the early 1900's and like most of those old factories in the area, it eventually went out of business. The Bleachery, along with Dutchess/Garner Print Works occupied the land, but they are in two different towns. The Bleachery is in Wappingers and the Print Works building is in the Town of Poughkeepsie.

The place is now a superfund site because lots of industrial waste was dumped in the creek and on the grounds way back when people did that sort of stuff. Cleanup of the grounds has started and there are a bunch of businesses in the old factory.


Back on May 14th, 2004 there was a major fire here. The Rombout Fire Department has some pictures on it's Facebook page. Right after I got done shooting the above video a bunch of fire trucks showed up at the Industrial Park.


Timing is everything in this blogging business. There must have been at least four different fire companies that responded. I don't think this blaze turned into anything major but we will keep you posted if new information comes out.