Around the Hudson Valley

Why Is a Haunted Couch For Sale in Middletown?
It says take at your own risk right on the sign. The Hudson Valley is home to many haunted houses, dolls and even graveyards, but I've got to admit that a haunted couch is a new one. I'd understand a rocking chair, even. Why is this spooky couch and love seat haunted? Who wants to buy it?
Jukebox the Ghost Plays Ghost Trivia
Jukebox the Ghost has a new album out and they have just started their touring schedule. We decided to have some fun with them during their latest stop in Poughkeepsie by seeing who knows the most ghost trivia.
Cake Set For Tour With Ben Folds
Cake will be hitting the road this summer with Ben Folds and we wanna go. The dynamic duo will be kicking off their 10 city run in mid-August and will be in the area on August 18th for a show at Forrest Hills Stadium.
While Cake hasn't released a studio album in more than seven years, they remai…

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