We All Want a Raise, But Do We Deserve it?
Just about all of us think we deserve to make more money? Do we really deserve it or do we just want more and more? Will we ever be happy with what we have? It seems like it is the American dream to always want more and to better yourself. When is it time to […]
Top Father’s Day Gifts Are Concerning
Does dad really want these things? If so, I’m a bit concerned. As men get older we tend to lose the toned arms and the six pack abs. It’s more than likely going to happen ladies so get used to it. When we become dads does the odds of becoming out of shape just grow […]
Last Minute Father’s Day Deals and Steals
There are deals and then there are steals. So Father's Day is going down this weekend and with it so close on the horizon, you still might be scrambling with what to get Dad, but that can be made even worse if you have no money.
Foo Fighters Make It Two Weeks In A Row At Number One
Every Friday at 5pm Simon counts down the top 5 most requested songs of the week with the WRRV Buzzcuts. Foster The People return to the countdown with their latest ‘Doing It For The Money’. Hey, at least they’re honest. Sir Sly move up one position week over week…
‘Back to the Future’ And More Screening Outdoors in Newburgh
A collection of movies will be shown outdoors on the lawn of the Washington Headquarters State Historic Site in Newburgh as part of the Liberty Street Film Series.  And the series is kicking off in style next week with one of my favorite movies of all time, 1985’s Back to the F…

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