Do We Really Care About McGregor vs Mayweather?
As an ex fighter I am so torn about this fight. Is anyone really excited about it? Will this fight really be as historical as we are hyping it up to be? Actually, I have a different question. Is anyone even hyping the fight up at all? The idea of a mixed martial artist entering […]
Millbrook Man Breaks Into Home to Steal Xbox
A Millbrook man is facing felony charges after he allegedly burglarized a home just to steal an Xbox.  On May 9, 2017, State Troopers were contacted by a Pleasant Valley man who reported that someone unlawfully entered his home and stole his Xbox One. Subsequent to a detailed investigation, Tro…
How Does New York Rank for Working Dads?
Dad’s have a lot on their plate. Fathers are the unsung heroes. Where does the state of  New York rank in affordability for hard working fathers? It seems like Father’s Day is often overlooked. Why do we not give great dads more credit? Back in the “Leave it to Beaverȁ…

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