The Flat Earth Movement is Terrifying and Here’s Why
Call me the crazy one but didn't Aristotle settle this in the 1400's? If you are one of these people who think that the earth is flat you frighten me. It's terrifying and it's dangerous thinking.

For some reason out of all of the issues in modern society, I never would have th…
The iPhone 8 May be The First Sign of The Robot Takeover
I'm not one to go crazy over the latest and greatest technology but the new iPhone sounds like it's going to be very cool.
I can be a very laid back and simple guy buy I'm not a complete neanderthal. I love technology. Especially my iPhone. It basically runs my life in more ways than …
Warnings From a Man Who Damaged His Eyes During The Last Eclipse
Are you experiencing solar eclipse mania like everyone else on the planet? If you plan on viewing the eclipse today, you may want to hear this guy out first.

If you plan on viewing the solar eclipse today, you certainly aren't alone. However, safety should always be the concern. The eclipse c…

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