Firework Oreo Fail
Brandi & Nick from the WRRV Morning Grind try the latest creation from Oreo. Things took an odd turn. See for yourself.
What Are Some Historic Spots in the Hudson Valley?
What are some of the most noteworthy historical spots located in the Hudson Valley? Is there any place that  you would like to add? It was recently announced on the State of New York’s Page that Governor Andrew Cuomo has set out to add 20 more properties to New York stateȁ…
Check Out The New WRRV Studio Cat
We have a pretty cut and dry pet policy here at WRRV but this cat is a total professional. What can I say? There really needs to be a “bring your cat to work day.” There actually might be but if you love cats like me, you wish it could be every day. My newest […]
WRRV’s Rants & Raves: Short Stay Hotels and Crappy Neighbors
What are your neighbors complaining about this week? Join the morning show co host, Nick Kessler to find out in this weeks latest episode of rants and raves. If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far while living in New York it’s that we are never short of angry people. Than…
You’re Probably Eating a Cupcake Wrong [WATCH]
It seems simple but more than likely you’re doing it wrong. Find out the proper way to eat a cupcake. Up until recently, I thought there was only one way to eat the delectable desert known as the cupcake. It wasn’t until Brandi showed me a simple hack that totally blew my mind and the …

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