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Is Candy Corn The Grossest Candy Ever? [POLL]
Candy corn has been around forever but does anybody really like it? Weigh in and lets settle this

Maybe it hasn't been around forever but candy corn has been around for a long time. The tri-colored candy has been around since the late 1800's. Does anyone actually enjoy eating Candy cor…
When is the Cheapest Day to Buy Halloween Candy?
If you're going to do Halloween right this year and give out some sweet treats you had better get to the store and buy some of the good stuff.

Halloween is always the last day in October. You should not be surprised at this point. Did you not notice your neighbor's giant inflatable zom…
Is This Cereal Box Racist or is the Argument a Bit Corny?
Some are calling it extremely insensitive and some are calling it race-baiting? Either way, it was enough for an immediate response from the cereal company. Now Corn Pops is looking into updating their box.

Recently, a tweet went viral that caused a everyone to question the date and meaning behin…

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