As a kid, I would visit my grandmother and sneak into her fridge to get spoonfuls of cool whip when no one was looking, at her encouragement of course. Then as I got older when ever she would make something that passed as a dessert, even if it was just cut up fresh fruit or cheesecake or her custard, if you would try to eat it unadorned she would say something to the effect of
"For God-sakes child, put some Cool Whip on it".
21 Classy Ways To Use Cool Whip

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As I look through these uses for Cool Whip, I still don't think any can top the sneaking in to the fridge with child like giddiness to eat the stuff
(the original version of course) with a spoon.

I challenge you to mention the words "Cool Whip" to some one today. Odds are you will also get a story about a grandmother or a mom or some one who uses it with great decadent abandon. Feel free to share those stories with me, because for those brief moments I will be back in her kitchen,
raiding her fridge, spending time with her.