An episode of the Cosby Show has become something of an internet sensation after the recent revelations about Bill Cosby's personal life.

I don't need to go into the specifics of the accusations against Bill Cosby; not only have they been well-documented by every news outlet on the planet, so many developments keep unfolding that it would most likely be outdated the second I typed the information.

Instead, I will direct you to this episode of The Cosby Show, from its seventh season, wherein discussion of Cliff Huxtable's "special sauce" go from creepy--I can't imagine how this was ever considered a good idea for sitcom content--to chilling, given all of the discussion of Cosby's alleged drugging-women MO.

Per the Huffington Post:

Huxtable says almost nothing throughout the entire episode, even during an argument where his daughters and their husbands disagree on whether a stripper would be appropriate at a belated bachelor party for his daughter Denise's husband, Martin. The fighting continues until everyone starts eating at the barbecue. Huxtable speaks up only when Claire mentions that it was nice that the younger couples had figured out their arguments at the end of the barbecue by themselves.

Huxtable suggests that they didn't solve anything for themselves as "it's [his] barbecue sauce." Then, after remaining silent for the majority of the episode, Huxtable launches into a speech about the special powers of his sauce.

"Haven't you ever noticed after people have some of my barbecue sauce, after awhile when it kicks in they get all huggy-buggy?" said Huxtable. "I'm dead serious, haven't you after noticed that after one of my barbecues, and they have the sauce, people want to get right home?"

"Let me tell you something else," he continued. "I've got a cup of it up on the night table ... " It sounds as if Huxtable finishes the sentence by saying "that I'll give you," but with the loud laugh track over his voice, it's unclear.