For the past several weeks, I've talked about how excited I've been to bring you great beers that are local to New York state. Well, guess what? Still going strong, y'all.

This week, we pay homage to Westchester's brewing contingent by highlighting one of the best breweries New York state has to offer. Captain Lawrence Freshchester Pale Ale takes the mantle of Beer of the Week.

You won't find a beer that lives up to its name more than "Freshchester Pale Ale." Fresh, of course, is the operative term; with Captain Lawrence being brewed right here along the Hudson River, it's as fresh as can be, especially when you get it on-tap.

If you haven't made a trip to Captain Lawrence's brewery in Elmsford yet, I am both saddened and jealous: sad that you haven't yet experienced the majesty of that beacon of beer-love and jealous because I wish I could experience my first trip there all over again.

But now we're bringing Captain Lawrence to you. You can get your hands on this delicious sessionable pale ale for 50% off at Half Time in Poughkeepsie. In fact, you might want to grab two growlers. This beer and its delicious citrusy glory is best enjoyed when sharing the experience with someone else. Have some friends over and enjoy this light-bodied yet full-flavored American Pale Ale!