Lazy Magnolia is a brewery we've featured in the past; it's always cool to get a sample of beer from all over the place and since we've been going so New York/Northeast-heavy, why not take a trip to Mississippi for this week's beer?

I will not confirm nor deny whether or not how much I love typing "Mississippi" influenced my decision.

But whatever the reason for selecting this as the Beer of the Week, the truth is this: it's just flat-out great.

Lazy Magnolia's Timber Beast is a big, bold Imperial Rye Pale Ale. It's full of hoppy excellence, with just the right amount of spice from the rye to keep things complex and interesting. It's got tons of Zythos! No, that's not a Superman villain, it's a hop blend created specifically for IPAs. It's got a little pineapple and citrus flavor to it, which is really interesting and delicious.

Grab a growler! You know it's half-priced and you know you can't get it anywhere but Half Time, so get to it.