After several weeks of New York beers, we took a bit of a trip down south to Mississippi last week. But now, we're back and we're back in a big way: Yonkers Honey Blonde.

Mixing in sweetness with beer is tricky business. Really, to blend in any unique ingredients requires a very delicate hand. You want to know that the ingredient--in this case honey--is there, but you don't want it to overpower the beer.

This one gets that balance just right. It's an absolutely delicious beer that doesn't assault your palate with sweetness. Not only that, the honey in the beer is local Hudson Valley honey.

I've always heard that eating local honey is a good way to prevent allergies. I'm not sure if that counts if the honey is brewed into beer, but it's worth a shot. And at a very sessionable 4.5%ABV, you can shore up your immune system without having to drag your hungover ass into work the next day.

As always, grab a growler at Halftime, Route 9 in Poughkeepsie.