It seems it's going to be a bit colder this week than the past two, so what better way to stay warm through the last gasps of winter than through a big, delicious beer?

This week, we're featuring Dark Horse's Scotty Karate, a Scotch ale that is among the best out there. You're asking yourself "What the hell kind of name is Scotty Karate?" right now. I know. Well, allow the fine folks at Dark Horse Brewing to explain just that:

He is a local one man band who plays an amazing slurry of honky tonk influenced, punk country songs. His voice is amazing as well as his high energy shows. (Check him out So, we decided to make a beer and name it in his honor. This beer is a big, full bodied Scottish ale. It is 9.75% alc. but it is very smooth and balanced.


And that's why I love craft breweries so much. No focus groups. No multi-million dollar ad campaign to trick you into buying a "lifestyle" or whatever. Just well-made beer named after weirdos who hang out at the brewery. Get some for half price this week at Half Time and have a great week.