Who says German beer needs to be brewed in Germany?!

I'm actually not sure who says that, but whomever it is: HE (or she) IS INCORRECT!

For proof of that, one need look no further than New Jersey's High Point Brewing Company. For years, they've been brewing German-styled beers under the Ramstein name that are as good--maybe even in some cases better--than the ones that come straight outta Deutschland.

Look, before you call me crazy, give 'em a shot! Those who know Ramstein know that their Maibock is phenomenal and one of the best beers they brew. The best part? It's only available on tap, so you can only get it when it's nice and fresh. No bottles here, just you and your growler and the bond you share.

In their own words:

Rich Amber Bock brewed with Vienna and Munich malts. Pure lager yeast ferments this beer to create a deep malty character with a hint of caramel toffee aroma. Robust noble hops and 7.5% abv. intertwine the malty and toasty flavors. Historically, this beer is brewed once a year to celebrate the “Stark Bierzeit” (strong beer season) and to welcome the warming Spring Sunshine.


Luckily for you, we were able to get our hands on some and since the folks at Half Time and I love you so much, we're not keeping it to ourselves, we're sharing it with you.

And not only are we sharing it, as we do with our Beers o' da Week, we're making it available at half-price, as long as you've got your WRRV growler. So go. Go get it. Make haste.