We're going old school with this week's beer. How old school? The 1300s!

Cisco’s Winter Shredder is a Braggot, a style of beer that blends qualities of beer with mead. It's been documented as far back as the Canterbury Tales, so you know this one is an important style in the development of modern brewing. Cisco, based in Nantucket, is one of the breweries keeping this style alive, and featuring it as their winter seasonal. This makes sense; the slight spiciness, subtle apple sweetness, and high ABV (8.8%) are perfect for keeping you warm throughout the cold months.

You know that the Beer of the Week is always half price at Half Time on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie! Save some money, get some great beer, and get ready to take on the week. Grab some Winter Shredder and expand your beer horizons. Unless you're already some kind of Braggot expert, in which case I apologize for patronizing you.