Any business wanting to build a casino in Orange County is going to need to invest a minimum of $350 million. This was the ruling from a state gambling panel in Albany on Monday, the New York Times reports. While the number is fairly low, and is potential good news for those wanting casinos in Orange County, casino backers in Ulster and Sullivan aren't too pleased. They've called for an investment minimum of a whopping $1 billion for any development plans in Orange County, for fears that casino growth there could hurt their own plans for development in their areas.

Large groups like Caesars Entertainment and The Genting Group have called for casino growth in Orange County, an area sought after due it's close proximity to New York City and several major highways, saying this could help channel billions of dollars of economic growth into the area and the state.

Would a casino(s) in Orange County provide that boost the area has needed, or could it end up hurting other long standing plans for other casinos in the Catskills? Would it also draw potential tourists way from other areas?