How did the "global ambassador" for the NBA's team from the Great White North get charged with tampering by the league?

The NBA takes tampering very seriously. No. For real though. Each and every season, a handful of stories come out that implicate teams in making unauthorized overtures to players currently under contract with another team.

The latest culprit: Drake.

Now, if you haven't heard, Drake was announced as the "Global Brand Ambassador" for the Raptors in this weirdly self-important, over-the-top video:

So what does that mean? Well, basically, it means he sits courtside like the Raptors' very own Spike Lee, weasels his way into sitting on the bench during the Slam Dunk contest, and generally gets fans to care about the team.

And in this case, it involves him getting the team fined $25,000 for this (NSFW language at the end):

Of course, the amount of publicity he garners them and his value in attracting young fans means he isn't likely to go anywhere, so he will live to annoy NBA audiences another day.

Can you tell I'm still embroiled in playoff animosity against Toronto's entire franchise from the tense Raptors/Nets series this year?