Welcome to Cole's Cuts! Cole is my 18 month old kid (duh), and like his old man takes his music very seriously. He also has a body rhythm like I've never been able to manage, and will dance around the house to various songs. So I'm going to start bringing you the songs that can help get you grooving around like a little kid, no matter where you are.

Today's selection: Wild Cub, Thunder Clatter.

Gotta be deadly honest. When this song came on the radio, Cole stopped IMMEDIATELY and checked out the music for a good 15 seconds without moving. He then got his groove on, shaking his rump all over my living room.

Go ahead, give it a listen and try to not bounce around in your seat.

P.S. It's not always going to be catchy songs we just started playing. Yesterday we were both enjoying christian metal group As I Lay Dying. It's gonna get weird.