We chatted about this on the morning show the other day and I cant stop thinking about it! A Florida woman has gotten over 300 free rotisserie chickens from Publix Supermarkets via a store policy called the "Publix Promise". According to the policy, if the weight on a label doesn't match the actual weight of the product, a customer can get that item for free. After receiving her first free chickens Davie, Florida resident Janet Feldman now known as the "chicken lady" took the streets and drove all over South Florida in pursuit of free chickens. On her best day she hit 11 Publix stores receiving 47 chickens for free. And what does said person do with 300 chickens, why eat a few of course (they are delicious) and donate the rest to animal shelters (feeding homeless cats is awesome btw). Now I do applaud Feldman for giving back to the animal community but this story got me thinking...how many people out there actually seek out these store guarantees to get free items? I know there are many out there as I have actually worked at Publix and many other grocery stores in my time and all stores have these policies but do people take the time to look for these issue and do they do it to such extremes as the Chicken Lady? How about it? Do you take advantage, or know someone who does? What stores, what items do they get free? Just curious....give me your thoughts! And in the mean time enjoy this video of a another great chicken lady!