Flash Gordon could be back to save us all!!

Movie rights to science fiction adventure comic strip "Flash Gordon" has been bought by Fox.

Then the guys who wrote "Star Trek 3" (John D. Payne and Patrick McKay) are writing a script based on a an idea from George Nolfi (the guy behind Oceans Eleven and Oceans Twelve).

Steven "Flash" Gordon is a character created by Alex Raymond, and first published in January of 1934. Flash is a handsome polo player and Yale graduate who is kidnapped and taken into space when Earth was bombarded by fiery meteors. Somehow he ends up on the planet Mongo with (every movie needs one of these, a villain we love to hate)  a mad scientist Hans Zasrkov and (the other thing movies need is the beautiful girl to be next to the good looking action hero) lovely Dale Arden.

Not sure if this reboot will have all of the good-looking people that the first movie had.... guess well will have to wait for... Flash, a-ah, savior of the universe!

And if you need a catching movie theme song to get stuck in your head all day so you can annoy your co-workers... Here it is.