Free beer for life is a dream of mine and many others I'm sure. But it's a reality for some savvy investors.

With the craft beer industry booming, new breweries are popping up left and right. I mean, any resident of the Hudson Valley is fortunate enough to be within reasonable driving distance of great stuff. Newburgh, Keegan, Rushing Duck, Sloop, Captain Lawrence, Mill House, Roscoe, and many others are providing phenomenal, fresh, local beer all across the Hudson Valley.

Well, phenomenal, fresh, and local beer is what the proprietors of Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub hope to provide to residents of the Minneapolis area, but it requires one thing: cash. So what are they doing to get people to invest in their business?

Free beer for life.

People who invested $1,000 receive free in-house beer for the rest of their lives, or as long as the place stays open. People could also receive 0.1 percent nonvoting equity in the company for every $1,000 invested. Or for $5,000, investors get 0.5 percent equity and free in-house beer for life. The brewpub, now a registered LLC, hit its goal of $220,000 through the 46 people who chose the first option, 42 who picked the second, and 30 who took the third, all finding out about the opportunity by word of mouth.


As goofy as some crowdsourcing projects seem, sometimes they are more than worth it. Check out the article here.