Now that there have been more photos and trailers from the upcoming Godzilla film, Godzilla purists in his homeland have been able to weigh in on their thoughts.

The biggest problem that Japanese audiences have had with the upcoming American Godzilla movie thus far? He's too fat. 

According to Japan Today, here are some comments:

“He’s so fat, I laughed.”

“Where’s his neck?”

“He’s gone and supersized himself!”

“I’m not surprised. A spare tire is expected in middle age.”

“Gee, even Godzilla has metabolic syndrome these days…”


Man. Even reptilian monsters are being body-shamed these days. Maybe less people-eating and more tree-eating, my dude. A monster vegan diet could help you shed a few ell-bees.

If you haven't seen the latest trailer, here it is: