Siblings make each other look silly. I mean, that's kind of in the contract. Maybe it's an unwritten rule. I don't know. But I do know that goofy pranks and making one another look stupid is just part of what goes into being a good sibling.

Which means these guys must be great siblings, because they've made their sister look silly in front of literally millions and millions of people.

This poor girl, in the midst of a wisdom tooth drug-induced haze--anyone who has had his or her wisdom teeth removed can tell you the period immediately thereafter is not exactly one of clear thinking or, well, fun--is tricked into believing that the world is being taken over by zombies.

The prank is actually really elaborate and well-done, so kudos for that, but man. This poor thing. Also, considering these guys run a YouTube channel devoted to getting media attention (usually via a conservative slant; the one brother has a reel of his appearances on shows on FoxNews posted on YouTube), I reserve the right to be skeptical of whether or not everything about this is entirely fake.

But either way, it's fun. Check it out.