The Dutchess County Department of Behavioral & Community Health has issued a Public Health Advisory about the Norovirus, which has been spreading rapidly in the Hudson Valley region.

There have be reports of several clusters of the norovirus in Dutchess County and the symptoms are to say the least - not fun.  Vomiting, diarrhea, fever and body aches all add up to a miserable few days if you catch it.

The Dutchess County Department of Health reminds you that it's important to clean often to kill the virus, which can live a lot longer than you would think. This can be extremely dangerous for seniors and those with compromised immune systems, so get the bleach out and start cleaning.

As noroviruses are easily spread, DBCH recommends routine cleaning and disinfecting of surface areas, especially high contact areas such as door knobs, keyboards, and phones as the virus can remain on surfaces for weeks

If you have any questions about the Norovirus, you can contact the Dutchess County Department of  Behavioral & Community Health at (845) 486-3402. Wash hands often and if you do become sick, please avoid contact with others for at least 72 hours after symptoms have stopped.