We’ve seen a very rainy end of April and beginning of May.  Stand by for some more weather roller-coasters.   Now warmer temperatures for the Hudson Valley for the rest of the week.  According to the national weather service, a warm front will pass into the region on Wednesday, combined with a strong southern air flow, will send turn up the thermostat.  Expect near record temperatures.  There will be no convention, so that means it will stay dry too through this period.

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The national weather service is calling for daytime high temperatures to reach 88 in Poughkeepsie, 86 in Newburgh and 87 in Middletown.   Wait, there’s more.  It gets even warmer on Thursday with daytime highs in the 90’s.   Let’s break it down.  92 for Poughkeepsie, 91 for Newburgh and 90 for Middletown.  Things cool down as we head for the weekend.  Friday back to the 80’s.  81 for Poughkeepsie and Newburgh.  80 for Middletown.   Saturday the weather comes back to a more normal level with daytime highs in the upper 60’s and low 70’s.

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