Some people are called serial daters, this guy is a serial dater…KILLER! This is another gem of a story floating around on the inter-web and of course being the caring person I am I had to share! Check out this video of a dating show from Turkey (yes i know it's in turkish but it's still pretty funny, check out the facial expressions!). The guy in the clip is trying to find his Mrs. Right turns but he turns out to be Mr. Wrong, so very, very wrong. During their chat he admits to killing not only his wife but also his mistress! Not sure how they roll over in Turkey but here in the good ole U.S. of A. we women don't put murderer as a "perk" on our dream guy check list. Wonder if that lucky blonde got to to take him home…or maybe he can finally get that buy two get one free deal on funerals…after all third times the charm…looks like your date was better than you thought ladies...I could just go on with this all day. I kid, I kid! You can catch the full article by clicking here! Enjoy!