Most everyone has heard of Comic-Con, a get together of thousands of comic, movie, pop culture addicts who converge on San Diego for a week each year.

But for you coffee addicted people (Ok, I confess, I am one of these people), there is something for you, it’s called “Coffee-Con”.

This is the third year that it has taken place in Chicago but due to its expanding popularity, it will now be coming to San Francisco June 7 and New York City, October 12.  For those who do not want to learn about the latest in “home brewing” or single vineyard double-roasted beans, or sit in a 2 hour seminar “on all things coffee” this is not going to be for you. But for those who cannot face the day without a mug of “deep roasted nectar of the gods”, look for me to be sitting next to you during the seminars.