Jeffrey Dahmer's house is up for sale. Jeffrey Dahmer. You know. That guy that killed, dismembered and in some instances cannibalized his victims.

So. This is not the place where he killed multiple people and dismembered them. This house is where he spent his “formative years” in Ohio. Ok, so he only killed one person there. According to the current owner, “The house didn’t kill anyone”.

The house is listed for $295,000 and it’s a 3 bedroom house, 1950’s style, in a secluded heavily wooded area, which will allow for privacy. If it weren’t for the fact that people still look for the house, (think foreign tourists with cameras around their neck) want to see the it and walk up your driveway at all times of the day and night taking pictures of it.

Would you be able to live it in? Most homes have had some one die in it, but murdered? Can you do it?

PETA wants to buy the house and turn it into a vegan restaurant. I can’t say that this would be my first idea of what to do with it. But it might be an answer.