Rushing Duck is in Chester. +1 for the location. And by location, I mean near me.

These guys have an EXCELLENT rating on Yelp and they get some pretty good ratings across the boards for their beers.

So, let's go with the first name that caught my eye: Dog's Bollocks. Here's the description they gave at their website. "Dog’s Bollocks is an English Style Ale, not unlike a classic Barleywine. To make this beer even more complex and flavorful, 25% of the beer has been aged in oak barrels that were originally used to age Bourbon. The base beer is rich and malty. It has a distinct caramel and biscuity flavors, and is balanced nicely with a nice dose of English hops. From there the barrel aging process helps smooth the beer out by adding vanilla, spice, oak, and bourbon notes to the beer. This beer is the “Dog’s Bollocks.”"

ALL OF THAT sounds awesome. It's only an occasional, so hopefully they'll have that or something like it at the HRCBF for sampling. If you want to check out some ratings, it's currently got an 89 out of 100 at BeerAdvocate, however RateBeer says it doesn't have enough reviews yet to give it a fair number. Maybe you can help with that after the fest.

Jus' sayin.