New York State may allow a device known as the "Textalizer" to be used by police at the scene of an accident, but is it an invasion of privacy?

Distracted driving from people looking at their phones continues to be one of the biggest dangers on the road. The "Textalizer" is a device that police can use to see if your phone was in use during an accident. It doesn't look at pictures or messages on your phone. It doesn't check your contact list or even read messages. It just checks to see if your phone was swiped, tapped or clicked during the time that an accident occurred.

According to Spectrum News, New York State is considering a proposed law that would allow police to use a textalizer. With all the accidents caused by texting and driving, you would think this wouldn't be that big of a deal, but opposition is strong.

"It is an invasion of privacy," said Corning resident Jim Cendoma.

Even though it doesn't look at anything on your phone, people are strongly opposed to passing a law allowing the textalizer. The New York Senate website shows the proposal and there are lots of comments from citizens on the same page.  John Walsh points out his problem with the proposal.

This bill has a fundamental flaw, what if there are more than one person in the car, and the phone was last touched or used by someone in the car, not the driver? Then the phone would show it was last touched by someone, and used pre-crash, during the drive, and would wrongly convict the driver of distracted driving.

What do you think about the Textalizer? Is this device necessary and will it stop people from using their phones while driving? Is it an invasion of privacy? Please leave your comments on our Facebook page.