The Mighty Ducks films were part of many of our childhoods. In fact, I would say there are few things that caused more kids born in the mid-to-late 1980s to want to play hockey more than that franchise. Coach Bombay had a profound influence on many a young sports fan. But how good was he at following the rules?

That's what the website for Canada's TSN sports network hoped to find out when they got a former NHL official to watch the film and clear up any discrepancies about the rules.

He goes into crazy depth on a lot of the specifics, which really makes it an interesting lead. But let's get to what you wanna know. Is the legendary Flying V legal?

You betcha:

Upon further review the Mighty Ducks remained onside as the puck was advanced to Jessie Hall at the front of the Flying-V just prior to crossing their attacking blue line. The Flying-V moved up ice as Harry Hall of the Mighty Ducks carried the puck from a protected, safe and legal position at the back of the V. Just prior to gaining their attacking blue line, the puck was passed through the legs and onto the stick of the lead Duck in the V; #9 Jessie Hall.


So rest easy knowing that your childhood was not built upon a foundation of lies.