Who knows where my internet travels will take me? I can't tell you how many times I've clicked and clicked and clicked and end up exploring a rabbit hole, deep into a labyrinth that no one could have predicted. I will be watching TV and idly reading Wikipedia at 8:30 PM, and suddenly is 2:15 AM and I'm reading about the troubled production of a country album I've never heard of, let alone heard, from the late 1930s.

Such is the case today, when I found a fascinating if frustrating story about a man who decided to become a coin collector, drop over $100,000 on one coin (!) and then do everything in his power to destroy it. It should be worth $250,000 but now... it's not.

Check this story out and remember that in life, whether it's getting involved in others' drama or trying to make money off of collectibles, the best policy: LEAVE IT ALONE.