The man known for his disgusting food adventures across these great United States has gotten in trouble for using a hashtag. Yup. A hashtag.

Adam Richman--you know, the guy from Man vs. Food that pushed the limit of fried food intake and culinary decency for several seasons--has had his latest show pulled by the Travel Channel for use of #thinspiration.

After making his name gorging himself on pancakes the size of manhole covers and hot wings spicy enough to take the veneers right off of Ryan Seacrest's teeth, Adam Richman lost a lot of weight. Well, his decision to use the hashtag "thinspiration" on a photo on his personal instagram account drew unhappy responses from people telling him that #THINSPIRATION is associated with the pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia movements.

So he did what everyone does when they face conflict on the internet: called these people names and told them to kill themselves. Repeatedly.

He's since apologized multiple times, but not enough to save his show Man Finds Food, which Travel Channel not only pulled from the airwaves but erased from their website entirely. It's unclear whether or not this is a temporary situation or if the show is canceled outright, but hey, at least he knows where to go if he wants to bury his sorrows in a 5 gallon drum full of ice cream.

But for a positive spin: how 'bout that headline? See, cuz it's a pun. About eating stuff. Cuz he eats, like, lots of stuff for money. No? Okay.