Theo Wargo/Getty Images

It's been a long time coming but it seems the guys in Metallica are back on track to finish a new album. A recent interview with guitarist Kirk Hammett revealed the guys are looking to 'buckle down' on the new album this fall. The rocker says life has seemed to get in the way causing the push back on finalizing the album. The band hasn't released an record since 2008′s ‘Death Magnetic’….the Metallica fan nation has been waiting with baited breath…the album was rumored to be released sometime last January but Hammet says between other professional commitments and family life things have gotten pushed back but "thats the way it goes" Hammet says. According to a statement from Drummer Lars Ulrich the guys are in the “fourth inning” of the new ablums process. Hammet says the band is looking to get back in gear in September (you know, after the kids are back in school!). Hopefully their other "lives" will allow for their "Metallica Lives" to live and we'll be seeing that new album before the end of the year! Fingers Crossed, until then enjoy the below throw back!