11 year old Logan Eisenberg is collecting socks to help homeless in the area stay warm and you can help.

Logan is from Middletown and he used to see a homeless man at the Mobil station that he would go to with his Mom. Then one day, the guy was not there and that's when Logan started asking questions. His mother explained the man's situation and this drove the 6th grader to want to help.

The Times Herald Record reports that donations have been coming in and Logan's mother has even started a Facebook page called Operation Socks, that will be up for only a couple of weeks.

In the span of three days, he collected 195 pairs of socks ready to be dropped off at the emergency shelter run by Helping Others Needing Our Resources (HONOR).

You can drop socks off at the Eisenberg home at 13 Wilkin Avenue in  Middletown or send money to the same address, zip code 10940.  Logan will use the money to buy more socks. Please send new socks and if they get overloaded, the family will make sure they are donated to more shelters in the area, such as in Newburgh.

This is only the first step for Logan helping those in need. After socks, he will be collecting undergarments to help the homeless this winter. It's heartwarming to see an 11 year old boy who cares enough to take action. Thank you Logan! Let's all send some socks or money today.