It's one of the most iconic and enduring images for sports fans--and Americans--in the wake of our nation's biggest tragedy. And now part of it is for sale.

As a New Yorker, and specifically as a Mets fan, the home run that Mike Piazza hit on September 21st, 2001 will always hold a special place in my heart. For those too young to remember, the level of fear, panic, and uncertainty was unlike anything we've experienced before or since. It would be trite and unfair to imply that a home run, or anything sports-related, could remedy something so deep and affecting, but insofar as sports are entertainment that allows us to escape from the reality of our world, it's hard to imagine something more symbolic and uplifting than a New York athlete hitting a monstrous home run in the first game played since the attacks.

I will be watching this on a loop all day.

Well, one would think with the significance and poignancy of this moment, that the jersey, the hat, the bat, everything would be enshrined with him as he enters the Hall of Fame.

But it won't. Because it's up for auction right now.

It turns out the Mets sold it as part of a private sale, and now Goldin Auctions is holding it as part of an online auction. They expect it to fetch record prices. According to the New York Post, Mike Piazza is really unhappy about it:

“I’ve expressed my feelings to Jeff [Wilpon] and the Mets. And while it never should have left Citi Field, they have assured me that contact with the seller has been made and they are making a concerted effort to get the jersey back. I’m hopeful that an agreement can be reached and we can give back to the fans and all New Yorkers a piece of that evening that was more than just a game.’’

So, what do you think? Just a jersey, or something that should be held as a memento of a moment in history?