The bummer with this amazing show is...that seasons are only three episodes long. Granted, each one of the shows is 90 minutes and they are packed with awesomeness. Even as I re-watch each episode to catch the clues that I might have missed. I still can't help to think that, "We need MORE of this show!" More Sherlock! More Cumberbatch.

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The dynamic between Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman is amazing. These are two actors that really work well together. Also, I love that they use Benedict's real parents to play Sherlock's parents and Martins real-life wife to play his wife on the show. It's those "off screen" relationships that have developed more of a harmony on the set, which definitely carries into what happens on screen.

Will we be getting more? Here's what Martin Freeman has to say about it?


If we have to wait for season 4...We will be waiting until 2016.