New York State is looking for gamblers!!

They are looking for companies to build four casinos across the state and the deadline to bid on the one coveted licenses has come and gone.  The regions that the casinos could be in include Catskills, the Albany-Saratoga region and the Southern Tier.

Some people think that putting a casino in Woodbury would be optimal, close to other attractions like Woodbury Common Outlet Mall and right off the thruway and will have access to Metro North, plus have the added benefit of being just a few miles (@50) north of New York City would bring tourists from the city and give them “multiple reasons to come north out of the city”. Others feel that bringing a casino to the dormant “Borscht Belt” would bring more money to the dwindling upstate economy, but at this time it would be one of the few things for people to do “once they got there”.

Controversy abounds around any type of gambling facility. Put it here and it’s too close to this, put it here and it’s too far from this. Gambling is an addiction. The conversation topics are endless and everyone will have a stance that they think is the correct one.

Regardless of where the casinos go, the buildings will bring with them jobs, which are desperately needed for any part of New York State.