I've been pleasantly surprised by how many people have embraced sour ales. It was just a few years ago that I felt like a complete weirdo for liking gueuzes, Flanders reds, wild ales, and anything else with a sour note to it. I mean, it's not surprising; I used to straight up eat lemons as a kid. So I was used to liking things more sour than the average person does. I'm also used to feeling like a weirdo.

But feel like a weirdo no more, as sour ales have become a pretty prominent part of the craft beer world. And one of my favorite beers--not sour beers, one of my favorite beers in general--is the fantastic Berliner Weisse brewed by the fine folks over at Newburgh Brewing Company. Paul, Chris, Amit, Charlie, and everyone else over there were already some of my favorite people, but as soon as I was able to enjoy a nice Checkpoint Charlie, I was a happy camper.

In fact, I remember their first foray into this style of beer, their Roggensauer, which I repeatedly harassed them about making again. Instead, they made a whole new beer, with a whole new name, and now, with a whole new label.

It's no secret that Newburgh has some of the best beer packaging in the game, as they've won national competitions for their can design. But this one might be my favorite. Look at this badboy!


To get your hands on some, make sure you check out the Newburgh Brewery in Newburgh (weird, right?) and get them before they're gone.