Honey Bees are dying off at an alarming rate and here in the Hudson Valley and one County Executive is begging you to save them.

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus wants to get the word out about just how valuable honey bees are. Neuhaus says that having them on his property have helped his raspberries grow like crazy.

Spectrum News reports that Executive Neuhaus is asking residents in Orange County to not kill bees if they find a hive. He knows that with warmer weather, people will be coming in contact with bees at picnics and around the house.

"What we're trying to do with all our partners here are to try to get the word out to call a beekeeper and the local beekeeper will be able to get the swarm and raise them and to make honey."

Don't be afraid of bees. They are one of the most valuable links in our food chain. Bees pollinate a large percentage of the food we eat and as their numbers continue to dwindle, we need to try and build them back up. Bee populations are declining around the world and this will become a serious problem if not reversed.

Neuhaus says that if you have a problem with a bee hive, contact 911 and not an exterminator. 911 will put you in touch with one of the many bee keepers in the area that will come and safely remove them from your property. One of the areas bigger companies is Hudson Valley Bee Supply in Kingston. You can call them at (845) 336-6233.  Save the Bees!